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by Hank Donat on 06/17/2008

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The terms and conditions set forth in this terms of use notice (the “Terms of Use”) shall govern your visit to and use of the Web sites provided by Henri “Hank” Donat (“he,” “his,” “us,” “our,” or “we”), including,, and all subdomains of such Web sites, as well as all services related to such Web sites (such Web sites and services, collectively, the “Site”). By using the Site, you agree to be bound by these Terms of Use. If you do not agree to these Terms of Use, please do not use this Site.


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All of the text and images that appear on the Site are the original work of San Francisco-based journalist Hank Donat unless otherwise indicated. Copyright of photographs, text, graphics and documents on this web site resides with Hank Donat.*

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Non-Commercial Use

Generally, free use of photographs will be granted for personal, educational or non-commercial activities, provided that Hank Donat and/or the Site are acknowledged. If you wish to use photographs from the Site for any non-commercial web page(s), please provide your URL when making the request. All photographs must be credited and linked to or as appropriate.

The Site was created with 20th Century research methods, with old fashioned tools such as shoe leather, interviews, historic archives, named sources, and the author’s own personal journals, photos, and reminiscience. The site is maintained without reliance on wikis and search engines and is recognized for its accuracy. If you wish to use photographs, text, and graphics from this web site in a news report, blog, article, or school project, the Site ( or must be acknowledged as the source.*

Commercial Use

Fees are payable for use of photographs, text, and graphics in commercial or promotional activities. For use of photographs, the image(s) used should be credited to Hank Donat and/or the Site ( or A copy of any material in which the photograph(s) appear must be sent to Hank Donat upon completion. All material produced using photographs from the Site must be credited.

A hires image file of the photograph(s) you wish to use will be provided for the license fee. Fees are negotiable. A license agreement will be issued (or your license agreement signed) upon receipt of payment.

Please email Hank Donat after you identify which photographs, text, graphics or documents you wish to use – specify the page or URL.

* The Site is copyrighted as a collective work. This copyright does not supersede any copyrights that may exist in the films, literary works, performances, or other works that are reviewed, displayed, linked, and/or presented by the Site. Copyright authorization can only be granted for photographs or material created by Hank Donat. Contact other copyright holders separately if your request is in regard to any of the small number of images on the Site that come from other sources as indicated.

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