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Upkeep & Fix-it

by Hank Donat on 10/29/2009

>> Upkeep & Fix-it

A Gay Housewife not only keeps the house filled with love – he also keeps the place standing. Paint, polish, patch, and repair to make it nice – and keep it nice.

Saving & Investing

by Hank Donat on 10/29/2009

>> Saving & Investing

A Gay Housewife refuses to sacrifice elegance for frugality. Anyone can spin straw into gold at home with new and tried-and-true ideas about maintaining standards, trimming the fat, and investing wisely.

Marriage and Equality

by Hank Donat on 10/29/2009

>> Marriage & Equality

No matter what you’ve been told before now, marriage involves taking care of another individual and a willingness to be cared for. In that way, all marriages are created equally. A Gay Housewife inspires others to truly value their spouse.


by Hank Donat on 10/29/2009

>> Lifestyle

A Gay Housewife celebrates fit, active families and promotes good health through food, excersize, and a fun, positive sense of adventure outdoors and in.

Cooking & Entertaining

by Hank Donat on 10/29/2009

>> Cooking & Entertaining

The kitchen is the heart of the household. A Gay Housewife uses a realistic balance of fresh, natural ingredients and supermarket staples to turn healthy meals and snacks into the gourmet favorites that the whole family loves.

Cleaning & Organizing

by Hank Donat on 10/29/2009

>> Cleaning & Organizing

If, as the old saying goes, cleanliness is next to Godliness then the Lord loves a Gay Housewife. Create space where there is none and vanquish wasted and repeated effort through the art of organization.

Art & Decorating

by Hank Donat on 10/29/2009

>> Art & Decorating

A Gay Housewife uses the colors of art and nature to create a haven in a mad world. Decorate and design with passion using secrets from Gay Housewife’s experience at home and in the advertising and design jungle.